Cooking on the fly. Why I scrapped meal planning.

My job schedule varies from season to season, but through my ease of being adaptable, I’ve still been able to stay pretty on schedule for each passing day. With the different seasons, I know which hours I’ll be in office and which hours I’ll be out and at events. That part never changes. However, each […]

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Two years later: Home gym life.

Misconception in the fitness world is a big grouping. For example: women who lift heavy weights will look like men. Or, this one: if you don’t do any cardio, you’ll never lose weight. Another one that circles around the drain is: you cannot get a “real” workout in from home. Really? What is a “real” […]

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It’s all in your head: Getting upside down on the mat.

A few weeks back, I posted on Instagram my daily yoga pose for the challenge I was doing and noted how my own fear of core work as the result of what I’ve seen in my job as a postnatal trainer has hindered my progress in movements that directly involve the core and require a […]

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Self-care: Empty tanks and relationships.


I woke up in a panic on Saturday morning after having a dream that my muscles literally deflated. Like, straight out of a cartoon. A needle pressed to them, and POP! Down they went. It was an irrational fear that came from needing to be down from any and all weight lifting for a solid […]

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Self-care with a Fix.


So, I have done a thing. And for me, it’s a major thing. One of the self-care pieces I’ve taken on over the past few months is actually taking some time each day for myself. To maybe do something with my long, crazy mane of hair. Or sometimes put a little touch of makeup on. […]

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Cooking with Level-1. The Why.

Why do I bake with only Level-1, and never use Phormula-1? It was a question I was asked the other day when sharing a recipe for protein brownies with a friend. They noticed a re-occurring theme with my “baked goods” recipes that I often pass along to them… on the ingredients list, I always list […]

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Why Not Wednesday: Protein Granola Bars


I have forever been on a mission to make myself a better snack. One where I don’t have to give (re: compromise) too much, if anything at all. Remember my protein hockey pucks? Yeah, those babies steered me off the path of making my own snacks for a bit. I think I finally ended up […]

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