Project: HomeWORK

Let’s face it, most days, we don’t have the time to drive to the gym – let alone work out.

But the struggle is real. You want to do what you can for your health. That workout may even help ease your sanity a little amidst the chaos in your corner of the universe. A time to decompress. Or maybe – you just like working out.

Some of us are parents that work, either inside the home, or outside of it. Some have kids that need to go to this practice, this lesson, that playdate, appointment, etc.

You may not be a parent, but you still have a busy schedule of job travel, work meetings.

It could be anxiety that keeps you away from the gym.

Days, nights, weekends… always something.

Thankfully, in this day and age, the home workout doesn’t come with doom and gloom over our heads.

The old saying “You’ll never get a good workout in at home” is fading to obscurity.

You CAN get an amazing workout done, right at home.

The number one reason people opt out of working with a personal trainer? Finances.

The number one reason people skip the gym? It’s intimidating. They want to, but don’t know where to start. What they should do for exercises, how to do them, etc.


Project: HomeWORK

Project: HomeWORK was born right in my own home. It grew up in the homes of my clients, taking its first steps in the living rooms of those clients. Spoke its first words in their basements. Painted pictures in their offices.

I have done every single workout in PHW. More than once. It is the culmination of all of mine, and my clients favorites workouts from the nearly 5 years it has been since I have taken my training business from the floors of busy, overwhelming gyms, and into the homes of clients in order to provide better access to training, in a more comfortable setting.

PHW is a blend of full body workouts, complexes and metabolic conditioning, spanning six weeks. It was created around a three days a week split, anywhere from 10 to 30 minutes needed for each. There is also a bonus day each week, for those weeks that the Time Gods may be on your side, and you can snag an extra day (but the four days a week split is most definitely not a requirement, you will get results from just three!).

PHW is also safe for expecting, and new mothers, as well as seniors.

Think you don’t have the space? That’s the thing, you don’t need really any! Each workout is tailored to take up as little space as possible, and use as few “exercise tools” as possible (including swaps for if you don’t have certain things, got a baby or a kid? Small dog? You’re good! A towel and a wall? You’re set there too!).

Included access to your trainer (me!) any time if there are any questions or concerns that may arise during the six weeks. We can also video conference if that is more comfortable, and go over any workout questions.


Project: HomeWORK Testimonials

“I cannot say enough about this program! Homework essentially got me through my pregnancy. I didn’t have any energy my first tri, and when it came back, I didn’t know what I could and couldn’t do. A friend put me in touch with Holly, who worked with me through the program. Any time I had a question, or even a concern, she didn’t try to talk over me, tell me not to worry. She listened. I knew that she had mine, and my baby’s best interests at heart because of it. I’m enjoying my new baby snuggles, meeting with my pelvic PT next week, and if I get the all clear, I plan to do the program again.” – Brittany

“Tight budget, two kids under 5 running my house, and a part-time job. It felt like the odds were NOT ever in my favor. This program has been a lifesaver. Literally. MINE. Not only did I get in a workout around my crazy schedule, but I got a little bit of time, each workout, to shake off that crazy. Even though I sometimes was a teensie bit winded I felt like I was getting to catch my breath. Oh, and I cam see my triceps muscles! And baby biceps! How cool is that?” Kate

“I’d never worked out a day in my life. I wasn’t an athlete in school and didn’t care to get sweaty when I grew up. After having my daughter, I got bit by the fitness bug and started running. When that wasn’t enough, I joined Crossfit and quickly figured out it wasn’t for me (it was too much). My best friend was training in powerlifting, and Holly is her trainer. I reached out, and after a few sessions with her, I had asked if she did just individualized training, or if she ever did programs to buy. Running is free, but I knew training had the potential to get pricey pretty quickly. The home workout program was in its baby stages, and she was just starting small group runs with it. I was bummed when she said the current group was full, but she took me on as an extra and I’m so grateful she did. If I hadn’t already worked with her in my home for a few sessions, I would have never thought I could get a good workout in in my living room. The workouts were fun to boot! Especially the ones my sweet girl could do with me (hug squats for life). I couldn’t recommend this program more. It’s worth the price times one hundred.” – Elisabeth

“I was in a long distance relationship, and traveled a LOT. I had been using Holly as a personal trainer when I lived in the area, and talked about remote coaching. She was getting ready to do her third small group for this program, and asked if I’d be interested. She explained what it was, and that it was something I could do from my boyfriend’s apartment while I was getting fully settled and it was all it took to sell me on it. The ease of being able to stay on track while I was moving, HUGE.” – Laura



Are you ready to sign up? Space is limited, so don’t wait.

At the gym, this workout program, and all that’s offered with it would easily run well over $800 for the six weeks. BUT, it’s yours for only $40!

That’s less than one personal training session!

Questions? Want to sign up? Email today.