Sack Michael Vick.

Anyone who knows me, knows one thing: I love pitbulls to the tippy top of my heart. I love their spunk, I love their charm, I love their charisma. Most of all, I love their resilience. This is one breed that gets kicked time and time again by the media, yet gets back up, wags its tail and showers you with unconditional love and kisses. I’m not a delusional pit bull owner like anti-pit bull people would love to claim. My dog will possibly lick my face off in my sleep, but I’d be okay going out like that. I know my dog. I understand my dog.

ImageThere is no such thing as a bad dog — only bad owners. Like Michael Vick. Yes, I’m one of those pit bull owners. Michael Vick will forever burn in the fires of hell in my eyes for what he did. Redemption will never find that man. He is one of many who make it extremely hard for this breed to catch a break. No one pays attention to all of happy tails that came from the horror known as Bad Newz Kennel. Johnny Justice is going to become a Gund plushy for heaven’s sake!

When my cousin told me about a fundraiser she and other pet stores nationwide are doing, I was ecstatic. I was overjoyed. Sack Michael Vick, Support a Pit Bull. She sent me her press release and I sent it off to every single pit bull rescue and advocacy agency I could think of. I’ve posted everywhere about it.

And now I’m directing all of my blog followers to the Facebook page. Please click on the photo below, like it, and pass it on. If you know of a pet store that wants to participate, guide them to the Facebook page. All of the contact information that they’ll need is right there.

Click on this photo to be taken to the Sack Michael Vick, Support a Pit Bull facebook page!

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