My brain is on fire.

The overachiever in me has gone insane. My brain apparently has a limitless supply of capacity and is hungry for more. Someone needs to take all technology away from me, and all utensils I can use to draw, write, knit or crochet. And books, don’t forget to grab my hundreds of books on the way out with all the other stuff.

In the midst of being eyeball deep in personal training school, I decided to take up crocheting again (I’ve got the pattern and blog ready to go, just need to get around to putting in the photos…). I also started a new workout (can be found here), I managed to get thisclose to finishing one of my currently ongoing novels and 3/4 of the way done with another.

Now that I’ve gotten my proper certifications for both training and nutrition, I’m delving back in to the “how much can I squeeze into one 24-hour day?” mode. I created a handful of different shirt designs with Spreadshirt, and now I’m patiently awaiting the two I ordered as “testers” to arrive. Which, can I take a break for a second and just mention how a dream that has been over a decade on my mind, finally coming to fruition – makes me nauseous. When I hit that submit order button, the butterflies were released, that’s for sure. This is it, it’s really finally happening. Okay, back on track here… I spent half a day being nitpicky and designing business cards. I’ve planned out 11 different new dinners I want to try over the course of the rest of the month, gotten a jump start of creating a new workout for me, and two workouts for friends who are doing the New Year’s resolution gig (meaning they have to be good workout programs to keep them hooked). I’m still working away at my six novels in the midst of it all, and reading (gotta love those iTunes gift certificates!).

And I started a new, weekly blog. That’s right. theSCENE’s website has been live for over a month now, and I’ve spent what free time I can manage populating the site with old stories, reviews and photo entries. For the past two weeks, I’ve been working my fingers off — in the midst of testing for school, my regular duties at the paper and life itself — to create new content. But that wasn’t enough, with a new health and fitness section, my experience in the field and now my proper schooling on it, I’ve taken on a weekly blog that includes tips alongside a Q&A.

A weekly blog, when I can’t even keep this going weekly sometimes? I will admit, it should be interesting. I mean, I’m forever writing blog entries here at Life at the Quarry, I just take forever in getting them around to be published. I actually have four or five on the burner right now, just waiting for photos or to be read over before I commit to hitting that Publish button. My hope is that there will be enough interest in my area that I will have enough content to be able to fulfill that weekly quota. And not just fill it with garbage like some fitness blogs out there (I won’t name names…), but solid, educational, GOOD stuff that people of all walks of fitness can take with them.

Now if it would just stop snowing and warm up, I could get that dang kayak out on the water… Vacation? What is that?

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Mother. Photographer. Writer. Founder of Fit Fridays for Mental Health. Former powerlifter turned weightlifter. Coach & Nutritionist. Spondy/PCOS/Endo. Bully breed advocate.

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