Pressed for time & space? Quick shoulders & back.

wwI have been home sick for going on three days now. Despite still working during two of those days, I hit stir crazy at the end of day numero uno. And I’m guessing by the activity level inside my stomach… Baby Rebel did too.

Ahhh, the pitfalls of coworkers coming to work sick. Add that to the wonky immune system courtesy of pregnancy: you are going to catch anything that passes your way. And it’s going to suck. Because it’s going to be bad.

Because of being so bad off on Monday, I missed my typical Monday night workout. Okay, fine, it can be done on Tuesday and I’ll just skip a day of yoga this week. Nope. After puking Tuesday morning, I knew it was a good idea to sit that day out completely too.

“Aren’t rest days for sissies?” or “Whatever happened to no days off?”

When you’re pregnant, you take the back seat and baby is in the driver seat. For real. That little thing growing inside of you becomes top priority. Sure, I could have still done my usual Tuesday yoga at night, or even gone to the gym that evening. By that afternoon, I was starting to feel better. But baby is first, and I don’t want to risk his/her health, just so I can go pump some iron for an hour, or work up my already high body heat in a prenatal yoga sesh. Nuh-uh.

Train smarter not harder.

So naturally, by this morning, my body hated me. My back and knees were especially screaming at me “You bitch! You haven’t worked out in almost three whole days! DO something!”

My body needs movement. It has been a huge coping mechanism not just with stress and anxiety in my life, but it has been immense in helping me deal with my spinal disease. I can tell, just how my body feels, how long it’s been since I’ve worked out. I don’t need a calendar.

Because people enjoy going to work sick, passing germs around and what not (then when you get sick from them, tell you not to bring those germs into work!), I felt it wise to spend one more down day at home. This time, since press day had passed, I could make the couch and three weeks worth of Chicago Fire, Chicago PD and Total Divas my sole days plan. I’d rather not, while I’m down, dealing with this sinus cold thing, catch whatever coworker-x has decided to bring into the office. Baby first, remember?

I can’t just sit on the couch all day, I needed to get some movement in. Thank the workout gods that I’m a personal trainer and have a crap ton of weights, kettles, bands, etc in my sunroom closet, my garage and in my car. Yay for home workouts!

Quickie Home Shoulder/Back workout:

Standing Kettlebell Overhead Press

American Kettlebell Swing

Bent-over Rear Delt Flye

Modified Warrior III Shoulder Raise (in Warrior III pose, weight in one hand, palm down, raise arm nice and high, over head, pause, then return to side)

Sitting Low Band Row (at hip height)

Sitting High Band Row (shoulders parallel to ground)

Pushups (pausing at top for 2 counts, and at bottom for 2 counts)

Tent Pushups

It’s not only a time friendly workout, but it’s a space conserving workout too. You only need about 35-minutes, and about the space of a yoga mat, so it’s great to have on hand for when you’re crunched for time, but need to get a workout in.

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