Christmas Fix.

Any worries that I may have had after receiving my first fix from Stitch Fix, quickly went out of the window after about a week. In that week, I wore the jacket I kept several times and not only felt fabulous (fabulous!) wearing it, but the compliments I received were just as fabulous. The sweater has been worn to two date nights, to work a few times for days in which I’ve had meetings and needed to be a bit dressier, and it ventured out to a ladies night out birthday celebration for my best friend.

“I love that sweater! Where did you get it?!” Every single time, at least a handful of times each time. So, obviously, it really is a fantastic sweater. The mesh seam gives it the “It” factor, I personally think.

Naturally, with the holidays nearing and plans on the calendar, in the search for some fancier things that I know I’d never be able to pull together myself in a store… I turned to my new best shopping friend: Stitch Fix.



As I’ve mentioned before, I’m terrible at clothes shopping. Just thinking about it makes my anxiety a little itchy (okay, a lot itchy). And really, my wardrobe needs a sprucing up. Not to mention, if just a jacket and a sweater could make me feel pretty damn sharp, obviously, having “things for myself, like new, different clothes” on my habits list for self-care, it makes having Stitch Fix around a match made in heaven.

This time around, I shot off a message to my stylist noting that I had some holiday things coming up and I was hoping to look a bit polished for them. I’d also set off on Pinterest in search of holiday “themed” outfits that I thought were great (although, I think that could remain to be seen. I’m still learning here…)

My “Christmas Fix” arrived just in time as I’ve got my work holiday party rolling up pretty quickly, followed by a family holiday party and then by a weekend with friends from away that will be visiting for New Year’s celebrations.

Here’s what was in my latest fix:

Anita Skinny Pant by Liverpool

Black, super soft, and incredibly stretchy (I can do yoga in these?!) pants from Liverpool. The fit was okay, but they were incredibly LONG. Even cuffed a few times, they still came down past my heel. I have a decently long inseam, so to have pants so incredibly long was a bit shocking. While I liked them, I just didn’t love them. I slipped them on, walked around the house for a minute with them on and then took them off without a backwards glance. That’s a pretty clear sign that it just wasn’t meant to be. Sorry pants, you’re going back.wp-1481210289360.jpg

Artem Lace Hem Blouse by Collective Concepts

It looked adorable when I held it up. It looked equally adorable as I lay it over me as a quick-look in the mirror. Once I got it on? Not really so much adorableness anymore. It fit my small frame oddly and was far from flattering. Until I put the blazer on over it. But, do I really want to have a shirt that I can only wear with one, very specific piece of clothing? Not really. The sleeve-ends were tight at my forearms, and if I nudged them up a bit, they felt as thought they were cutting off the circulation around my elbows. If I sized up, the shirt would be even more unflattering, so I knew it was going to be a no on the shirt too.

Emmet V-Neck Pullover by Colourworks

What an absolutely beautiful color! And so incredibly soft. I found myself, after putting this sweater on, stroking my arms frequently. I even held up an arm and instructed my husband to pet my arm. When he looked at me confused, I demanded “Just pet my arm!” It paired great with the Liverpool skinnies, as well as the skinnies I was wearing that day and a pair of leggings I grabbed to try on with it. The higher slit on the sides was a little weird at first, but not a deal breaker. Alas, this sweater, despite its cuddle soft material and beautiful, rich color, is just like every other sweater I own right now. And if I’m using Stitch Fix to guide me to pieces I don’t already have, to break out of my clothing rut/bubble some… keeping it would be going back to what I already know and am comfortable with. So it goes back. Super sad face.wp-1481210289354.jpg

Rebekah Stretch Crepe Blazer by Kensie

Holy cow this blazer. What a mind game a piece of clothing played on me! Taking it out of the box, I immediately say “Pretty color, cute dots, but there’s no shape to it!” I couldn’t wear something with no shape when my own shape is pencil. Oh my goodness, it has shoulder pads! SHOULDER PADS! No, I couldn’t. But I did. I stood in the mirror and slid it on over the thin sweater I was wearing. Okay, so it has a little bit of a shape. Subtle. Button it, immediately unbutton it because the button kind of threw me off.

Take the jacket off and put the shirt on, then pull the jacket back on. Oh, this is CUTE. So not me, but cute. Pull on the Liverpool pants and a pair of my booties, and again I say “This jacket! It’s not me, but damn is it cute!” The jacket came on and back off many, many times. I kept coming back to it. I could pull this off. I could wear it over flowy tops to dinner with my husband. I could pair it with my dress slacks on the days at work when I needed to be more business and business casual than casual. I could even wear it to upcoming Holiday family gigs and parties.

Despite the versatility, the pretty of it, and the fact that it was cute “just so”… I was still finding myself hung up on it. It was one of the priciest picks from the box, and could I justify the amount with how many times I’d actually wear it. I’m sure I amused my husband with the song and dance of the on-off-on-off because my head and heart were dancing this awkward beat. In the end, the following, the tags came off the blazer and to work it went with me (had a meeting with my boss, so it’s dressy-dress day!). I didn’t give myself a chance to really think about it. I took the tags off, and threw it on and out the door I went. wp-1481421935316.jpgWell, threw it on, the put on my pea coat over it because this IS the frigid white north and it was below freezing out that morning.

Mira Statement Necklace by Berry Jewelry

There was absolutely zero hesitation on this. I pulled out the necklace and immediately knew I was going to keep it. I put it on anyway and it only cemented the deal. What an absolutely fantastic piece. The matte grey stones paired with the clear, sparkling stones set on silver, it’s not a BAM! statement piece, but more of a quieter statement piece. Which, given my “tone”, is perfect. Definitely a keep.




*As a part of the Stitch Fix Influencer program, I do receive compensation for any scheduled orders/fixes through my affiliate links above.

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