It’s a Stitch Fix win!

Through the kindness and generosity of family during that holiday we call Christmas, I was gifted money towards my next fix. No, not drugs, we’re talking clothes here. Although now that I’m a few fixes in, I can easily say that yes, I am addicted to that pretty greenish circle arriving on my doorstep with pretties inside.

Knowing that we have our belated birthday trip coming up for our son, I scheduled my next fix. I noted that we were taking a long weekend away to celebrate that big number TWO! for him, and was looking for some fun and bright pieces that would be comfortable to wear.

Because, well, let’s face it, right now, I’m seriously considering packing workout leggings/tights, a pair of Chuck’s and some tops that would make wearing my workout bottoms out, acceptable.

Totally cliche mom-wear.

Then again, being a trainer, it’s pretty easy to don the stereotypical mommy duds daily.

But, I wanted at least one outfit that wasn’t leggings and a t-shirt.

And boy didn’t Kate at Stitch Fix deliver the goods this time around.

What was in the box:

copySkies Are Blue Hillsboro Mixed Material Hem Knit Top

It was actually quite hilarious when I put this top on. My husband’s immediate response when I came out of our bathroom was, “You’re shirt’s on backwards.” The button detail on the back was a little odd, given that all of the shirts that I have seen with this style have the buttons to at least mid-back, if not all the way down. It was cute, and super soft. Also, very comfortable. However, this was the one piece I liked, but didn’t love. It hugged my small upper, but had no shape to it below that.



Z Supply Tamika Knit Top

That look you give your child when you’re trying to get that last photo for your blog, but they won’t stop jumping on the sofa.

This top was my jam. This style shirt, and stripes, seem to be where my mind is constantly gravitating towards when I’m looking at clothes lately. Kate, my fabulous stylist, did you wire tap my brain on this one? The fabric is wonderful, soft, flowy, comfy. It, to me anyway, screams “SPRING” (although I’m currently in the middle of that nasty storm Stella, dropping over a foot of snow on us right now). I also loved that it was just the right thickness. Perfect for a spring day, and pairable with a light jacket as the day cools off – and still being cute. A definite keeper!

41Hawthorn Benson 3/4 Ruched Sleeve Blazer

I think I’m becoming a blazer convert. I seriously do. I never, ever would have tried a blazer before starting Stitch Fix.

Oh, but wait… isn’t that the entire point of this?

That’s right. Sorry, I blame daylight saving time on this one. I plead out.

This blazer was super cute, and much like that striped shirt, perrrrfect (yes, I’m rolling my r on that one) for Spring! When it arrives that is. Hopefully in time for this trip because, well, we’re doing A LOT of walking, and we’re right on the harbor.

I was able to pair this blazer with all of the shirts in the box, and even a few that I already have – making for some very, very cute dress-up casual (is that a thing?) outfits. The material is stretchy, so it gives you some maneuverability. Which, we all know mom’s need. Especially with those mom muscles we have. And, to top it off, it’s one of those blazers, much like the one I kept from my last box and love, that once you undo that button, it doesn’t loose it’s shape. It still holds that womanly cut, giving us “pencil” types, the illusion of shape. LOVE!

…and the “stern” mom look again.

Renee C Jensine Split Neck Blouse

This one was a weird one for me. Much like the stripes, I’ve been admiring this type of shirt in stores that I’ve popped into to grab clothes for my son. Again, wire tap Kate? *Cue the Twilight Zone music*

I actually, on an impulse buy, bought an owl print one and a beautiful blue toned print on red fabric. I even told the woman at the check-out that I had no clue how to wear or what to wear the shirts with. Yes, this fashionista imposter actually went out and bought clothes! And they weren’t workout clothes.

This print is beautiful. And the fabric was a dream. We’ve all heard of LuLaRoe by now, yes? Like buttah. My husband caught me stroking the fabric a few times. It was also the crowning jewel in what I feel is the absolute best outfit. I paired this shirt with the blazer, and the skinny jean’s that came in the box and I didn’t want to take any of them off. I may have even taken a few extra photos of myself in the outfit because I felt just that good. It’s amazing what a good outfit can do, isn’t it?

Liverpool Adele Skinny Jean

Blazer, paired with the split neck blouse and Adele jeans. THE “Outfit”.

Now, when I pulled these out of the box, I immediately thought: No. The color threw me way off. I have leggings of flashy prints, and all colors of the rainbow, but my jeans are just… variation of jean colored washes. Dark, light, mid. That’s it. I never venture out of the box on that one.

Wait, I lie. I had a pair of skinny teal-ish colored Levi’s that were “deconstructed” that I bought once. And then never wore. So, in the end, they don’t really count.

I actually had to put these on to realize that I couldn’t live without these. And judging by my husband’s immediate reaction, he couldn’t either. The running trend on this box was soft fabrics, and these definitely didn’t fall short of that. They are insanely comfortable, stretchy (mom ninja moves!), and they fit just right in the right places. The tag says red, but they’re definitely a softer shade, bordering on a deep salmon color. A fun spring color that went great with my brown and my white flat sandals, and my blue heeled/wedge sandals I bust out for special occasions (aka when I need to be dressy in warm months, but be able to walk too). The color is just right that it paired with the shirts in the box, but also any of the shirts I could grab from my own wardrobe to try with them. Given I didn’t want to take these off, it’s obvious these were a definite keep too.

*I am a part of Stitch Fix’s Influencer program and do receive a commission for sales placed through the links in this blog post.

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