Summer Fixin’.

One of our clothing stores officially shut its doors this week.

It happened to be one of my go-to’s because, put simply, it was reliable. I’d always been able to find a dressier outfit for those “fancy” things I sometimes I had go to. New strappy sandals every summer, new dress boots in the winter. A bathing suit every summer (because I have a tendency to wear mine like clothing, even to work out in most times…).

And it was really the one place I had to shop for boys clothes. Because, let’s face it, TJ Maxx certainly caters to the girls. I mean, four entire racks of just 0-18 month clothes for girls and a half-rack for boys 0-5T….

Naturally, I went in and gathered extras of all of my favorites. Some soft v-neck tees, about a million bathing suits. Clothes for my son for the next, oh, eleven years…

I was bummed that I couldn’t find any rompers, let alone that illusive cut I’ve been in search for since I made the decision that rompers were going to be my “thing” for the summer. And that decision stems from a friend telling me, after I asked her for suggestions on places to buy, and what cuts to look for, that I couldn’t wear them. They weren’t made for my “kind of body” – which is a different blog post I’ve been working at since it happened, I’ll get it finished, I promise.

I bought one on a whim from American Eagle on sale. I have no idea what I’m looking for or doing when it comes to this. What will “flatter” my shape, especially as my muscles get bigger. What will feel like it fits me. Prints, colors, the whole nine. Foreign to me.

In the same vein, I’ve also started working my way into the print world. Not for shirts, but shorts. Just grabbing things at will in a store, getting home and wondering how to dress them. What to wear for shoes.

I’m trying to expand my wardrobe. Especially for those times when I need to be impressionable to important people or the outside world. Because, well… let’s be honest here, workout clothes and jeans, despite our best efforts to not “mold to society standards and stereotypes” and the “you don’t own my body”, may not open every door you want opened.

…but, I’m also discovering I still haven’t a clue what I’m doing outside of the basics.

Back to Stitch Fix I went.

The summer has been insanely busy with my day job and a full roster of clients, so what the heck, why not get a few quality pieces, picked by someone who legitimately knows and understands style beyond “daily wear”.

I requested rompers, printed shorts, and fun tops that shouted “SUMMER!”

And Kate, my style guru, sent me some fun and beautiful pieces.

stitch outfitPapermoon Ophir Crochet Detail Knit Tank. This one was an immediate yes. It was the first piece on the pile, and the moment I unfolded it and held it up – before I even got it on – I knew I was keeping it. The style and cut is perfect for dressing up and dressing down. I can wear this top to work, to dinner, that family thing, and more. The fabric is amazingly soft, and the crochet, unlike similar styled shirts I’ve tried in the past, is just as soft.

Kut From The Kloth Robin Printed Drawstring Short. These were definitely fun. The color of the print was dark, vibrant shades of red, blue and purple. The opposite of the bright and cheery we often associate with summertime. Which is why I think I was partial to them as soon as I saw them. They’re a nice, light fabric, so on those super hot and humid days, your skin doesn’t feel like it’s suffocating. Airy is the word I’m looking for here. They paired perfectly with the Papermoon top, along with several other shirts I already had. And, just like with the Papermoon top, could be worn on slightly dressier occasions, and casually. Even on the sidelines of a game I’m covering.

stitch shoulderRenee C Vause Off The Shoulder Top. Talk about a gorgeous top. The print, the colors… just scream, ME. My colors. Perfect on my skin tone. My hair color. And let’s just say, that blue really, really made my eyes stand out. But off the shoulder? Could I do off the shoulder? My bare shoulders looked quite phenomenal in this top. Then my son came into the bathroom as I was looking it over on me. “That’s pretty!” he told me, a huge smile on his face. “Momma’s pretty!” Way to melt this momma’s heart. And way to make that heart hurt, because in the end, when it comes down to it, at least right now, off the shoulder is a no go – because it doesn’t stay on the shoulder.

stitch blueTHML Adaria Embroidered Knit Romper. Anyone reading this own a pair of LuLaRoe leggings? You know, those buttery soft, “I can’t stop petting my legs”, leggings? Take that incredibly soft feeling fabric, and make it a romper. That is how soft this romper is. I think I ran my hands over it a dozen times before I remembered I was supposed to be trying it on. My instant favorite thing about this romper is the length of the shorts. My American Eagle romper, I have to be very careful about moving in it (probably why it’s been designated to “beach romper”). The shorts are cut very short, and makes it not very “going out” friendly. The Adaria romper’s short hits roughly mid-knee – and get this: you can bend over, scoot down, reach, lean, all of it, and still have coverage. No bottom butt cheek showing. The print is perfect for summer, and even in my lack of fashion sense, I can imagine it’d be a great wear for those warm spring days too. The embroidery around the v-neck opening is fun, and gives you a dash of summer color.

Market & Spruce Ralphie Knit Romper. I held this one up and thought “This. This is the stitch blackone. The cut, the print. It HAS to be the one.” Then I put it on and my world came crashing down around me. It was not the one. I twisted and turned in the big mirror we have hanging in the bathroom. Went upstairs to my full length and did the same. I just could not get beyond the print. The cut was perfect. It was exactly what I had been imagining in my mind when I thought “Romper on my body”. But the print ruined it. I sighed as I took it off and set it aside. Then, came the part where I took the photos of me wearing the pieces. I watched in the video (I do video and nab a still), how the fabric moved, swaying with my body (I sway? When did I start doing that?). I saw from an outside perspective how it looked on me, and I found my mind changing on the pattern. This really does look pretty great on me, doesn’t it? No longer in the signed, sealed, and delivered pile, as I warmed up to it, I decided it was definitely staying.



Don’t wait! Sign-up, or schedule your “fix” today by clicking on the photo below.

(Yes, it’s a referral link, meaning I get a kickback if you do schedule a fix, but I stand by this: you won’t regret it. I haven’t. I’ve scored some incredible pieces that I would have never thought to give a chance if I’d saw them in a store. Do it. You know you wanna give it a try!)


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