Threads Thursday: Spring Fix.

(*This is a sponsored post as I am Stitch Fix Influencer.)

It’s official, I’ve become a seasonal Fixer. What’s most interesting is, when this all started, I didn’t know if I’d go beyond that first box or not. I can say that even though sometimes it’s just one thing I keep from the box, that this has been the best self-investment next to working out, and bath soaks.

I’m now coining the term: Clothie. Like foodie, but for clothes.


It’s changed the way that I look at clothes in the stores too. I’m more apt to grab something from the racks that I may have just skimmed over before, and take it into the dressing room to try it on.

Still a little fashion fuzzy, but I think that’s probably always going to be the case.

My Spring fix came a few weeks ago now (I know, but life has just been crazy and I haven’t been able to map out my thoughts so that they’re cohesive), and one of the pieces I kept was a bit surprising, especially when it was equally as surprising that I sent one back.

What was in the box:

Carrie Distressed Girlfriend Jean by ID: 23. I don’t know what magic Stitch Fix has that they put in the jeans they send, but don’t stop. These were incredibly comfortable, stretchy, and a little cuff at the bottom made them adorable. Plus, who doesn’t like a pair of jeans that make their butt look great? Right?

London Mixed Material Satchel by Octavia. Super soft material, and the print inside the bag was gorgeous. But, holy moly was this thing big! I carry small so I carry less. I just knew if I kept this bag, I’d end up toting around 10-tons of stuff that I really don’t need, all because I had the space for it.

Chaplin Essential Hooded Anorak Cargo Jacket by 41 Hawthorn. I loved it immediately out of the box. Tried it on, and immediately hated it. Something about the cut didn’t look right when I did the slow turns in the mirror to check it out. But then, as I was wearing it, again, to snap some photos of it… It started to grow on me. It was a good material for spring, and the cinches at the waist allowed it to have a flattering shape. There were plenty of pockets, and even that hood was pretty handy for getting caught in the rain. I have a lot of jackets. For real, a lot. And oddly, I’m able to do the dance of the coat rack to wear them all. Could I really add another coat into that mix? I asked my followers on Instagram in a story poll: Should I keep it, or should it go? In the end, it was a close call, and by the time the poll ended, I knew which side of the fence I was leaning against as well. And it went back.


Beckette Open Back Knit Top by Abby & Gail. Open back shirts? Heck no. That means you either need to wear those weird bras that have uncomfortable straps, and you need to be a gymnast to get into, OR you need to go braless. I didn’t even want to try it on, but I still did (I say that I did it for the photos lol). And I’m happy I did. The way the back scoops, your bra straps are still tucked away, out of sight. The material was light, and soft. The overall cut was flattering. Casual, dress up, or night out, making it pretty versatile. I really think I surprised myself keeping this one.


Pollack One Pocket Henley Top by ID: 23. Classic my-style. Plaid print, and everyone who knows me, knows I’m instantly sold on plaid (I blame where I live for that). So why on earth didn’t I keep it? Boils down to: It’s another plaid shirt. Just like the jacket, I don’t need another.


Overall the fix was fantastic. My stylist nailed my style, and even thew a “sleeper” in the mix, and I can say that I’m super happy that she did.

Too busy to go shopping? Don’t even know where to begin in updating, or refreshing your closet? Have to travel too far to get to stores that have good quality clothes that aren’t going to disintegrate after that first wash?

Try StitchFix today!

How? Easy, click the photo banner below, and it will take you to the StitchFix landing page that waves your styling fee for your first fix! That’s right, waves the $20 stylist fee so if there’s nada in that box that you like? You’re not out a single cent.

What are you waiting for? Go sign up today!

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