Threads Thursday: Stitch Fix bombs.

You always get to see the posts about StitchFix where I keep either everything, almost everything – or at least one thing.

So, let’s talk about the time I sent it all back.

The total bomb of a fix.

And find out why I love Stitch Fix, and why this hiccup on my Fall Fix won’t have me clamoring to cancel my account with them.

The sweater. I asked for little pops of color, because, let’s face it: aside from the changing leaves on the trees? Fall is dull. Dark. Dreary. It’s when the sun starts to set earlier, and rise later. It’s when the rainy days are darker, clouds thicker. So you want a bit of color in your life so YOU don’t become dark and dreary.

I got dark and dreary. Very dark, very drab green. No v-neck? Sure, we’ll send you a v-neck! Not just a front v – but a BACK v too!

Thick? Oh, you mean, the appearance of thick, but a little breeze, and your skin beneath will turn into an ice sheet and crack into bits.

VideoCapture_20181003-103737The jeans. I wanted to like them. I really did. Especially where they had an elastic banded waist, and the material had some stretch to them. As a powerlifter, I’ve got those odd proportion sizes, and it makes finding jeans really, really hard. BUT, that elastic waist and slightly stretchy jean material couldn’t fool my thighs. I felt like I was being smothered by them. They were the darkest wash I’ve ever seen (far opposite the light washes I requested). The flare didn’t redeem these.

The necklace. I always say no necklaces. Pretty sure my style profile says no necklaces. It was big, it was chunky. It was a giant no.

The cardigan duster. Oh sigh… Coming back to the thick, comfy sweater request: this was paper thin. It was soft. Comfortable. I’ll give it those two qualities. It’d be great for mid-spring here. But definitely not for fall. Or winter. Or early spring. Plus, not to mention, I knew I could get the same exact style – right down to the color and bottom cut – at TJ Maxx for half the price Stitch Fix wanted for it.

The 3/4 bell sleeved shirt. 3/4 sleeves. In fall. Where we wake up and the temps are at 30-some-odd-degrees, and there’s usually frost on your windshield. Again, warm, comfy sweaters. For a valid reason this request was made. And bell sleeves. Do people wear scalloped necked, bell sleeved shirts anymore? My childhood haunts me…

So, needless to say, an hour after the box arrived, it was at the post office to be shipped back. In its entirety. Zero hesitation on saying no to any of it.

Stitch Fix’s response?

“Let us fix this.”

With an apologetic email, and a waived style fee, Stitch Fix has stepped up, and is looking to correct the mistakes made in my last fix. Because that’s what a good company does, and one that has amazing customer service. There was that one time, I accidentally packed up one of my son’s shirts into the package to mail an item from a fix back – and they shot me an email immediately, letting me know they’d gotten it in the bag. THEN sent it back, priority mail, for free!

So, I made my simple request: Warm, comfy sweaters, no v-necks, and some pops of color.

My fingers and toes are crossed that this box knocks me of my feet and wows with a box full of amazing sweaters that I’ll never want to take off.



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