Threads Thursday: The Sweater Fix.

That’s right. You read that title correct.

I got another fix from Stitch Fix.

They waived my fee after getting my feed back on that last fix, so I figured – why not?

I can’t really call it a sweater fix, because I did get a pair of pants in the box, but the rest was sweaters of various cuts, materials, and fits.

So here’s the scoop:

Summer gains gained me quite a few inches on my arms, width in my back, and height in my shoulders. The result was my needed to nix 20 (I counted the pile) sweaters from my sweater drawer, because I couldn’t move my arms in them.

I have absolutely zero intention of cutting back my workouts to lose size, so it looks like my winter investment this year (for a change) isn’t pants – but sweaters. And where I live, from around Oct. 20 through April 20, you’re in sweaters. THICK sweaters at that.

My last fix, the bust fix, didn’t deliver.

But… this one did (minus the pants).

First positive: They weren’t all the same style. They were all completely different.

On the top left: Bobeau Bartie Hacci Ribbed Sleeve Knit top. Thinner material, but super soft. Fitted in the arms, and drapey on the body. I, personally, prefer that looser fit. That kind of hangey, flowy.

Top middle and right: Evolution By Cyrus Landen Cowlneck Pullover Sweater (first pic is paired with a 41 Hawthorn vest from a previous fix. Thicker than the first sweater. Has a pocket/pouch in the front. The cowl neck comes up and sits just right to keep your neck warm and cozy (which is pretty dang important here). One of those sweaters that isn’t too bulky under a winter jacket, but still has the oompf to wear with just a vest of one of the kind of warmer winter days.


Bottom left: Teeberry & Weave Folsom Textured Cable Front Pullover. Dubbed, my holidays sweater. It’s the perfect length that it can be worn with jeans, or even leggings. It’s a little thinner than the Evolution, but thicker than the Bobeau Bartie. The color is warm, not to in your face – which makes it the perfect sweater for holiday gatherings. I’m picturing Christmastime with snowflake leggings…

Bottom right, the jeans: Kut From the Kloth Kate Distressed Boyfriend Jean. The fit was good. Fit those awkward proportions of my body from weightlifting. Snug, but not too snug around the waist and booty. Comfortable around the thighs. I like them, but didn’t love them – plus, jeans are not something I need right now. My budget said to send them back.

And finally… that sweater (bottom right and detail photo). Colourworks Izy Braided Sleeve Detail Pullover. This sweater was definitely my favorite out of the entire box. The cut was perfect. Flattering, fit in the right places, flowy in the right places. And the detail… that braided arm. So pretty!

In the end, Stitch Fix came in in a clutch. Saved the day. Restored my faith after a few bad runs with fixes. There’s always kinks in any kind of system, sometimes they just need to be shaken out to get back on the smooth road again. And here we are… cruising down the freshly laid asphalt. No more bumps.

Click the image below to sign up for your fix, today!


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