Workout Wednesday: Group Fitness Classes.

wwWhen I first started out as a personal trainer and instructor, I wasn’t sure if I would ever, not only decide to do fitness classes, but want to teach fitness classes. Personally, classes have never been my “thing”. Then again, I was always a solo gym goer right from the start. Sure, my husband and I go to the gym together, and I have several lifting pals I’ve made over the 12 years I’ve been going to the gym… But it’s still me, rockin’ the workout, solo, 90% of the time.

About a half year in, I started brainstorming all of these great ideas to help a lot of my mom friends and area moms get into fitness, learn about eating right, and how to finagle getting their families on board with healthy living. Something I have always seen my area lacking big time.

My area is financially tight for pretty much everyone. So how could I do it affordably? The answer was simply: Classes. Weekend FITT for those who were uber busy, had a hard time finding even a second to get in the gym (but had 20-40 minutes at home of some down time), was born. From there, MommyFITT, my first nutrition and fitness 6-week camp style class became a thing.

Then Body360. Then Better Your Body, my 50+/Seniors class.

Next thing I knew, I had more people in my classes than I did one-on-one training.

Now, with the start of my new class JumpStart, another round of MommyFITT coming up and the launch of UNBootCamp at my new locations… I can’t believe I ever once thought that I’d remain just a one-on-one trainer. Classes are great, I enjoy them a lot, and the benefits are even greater.

Top benefits of taking part in a group fitness class:

1. Proper Instruction
Knowing the correct technique of any workout prevents injuries and will maximize your results. The instructor will always be right there to help demonstrate the proper way to execute an exercise move, help you fix your form, and show you modifications to workouts should you need it.

2. Motivation
Going to a class with a friend or exercising beside a stranger is a great way to boost your ego. Being able to keep up with the class is great motivation for pushing personal boundaries and achieving goals, especially when the instructor is saying “just 5 more!” You are able to push yourself a little more to finish out the set with the rest of the class!

3. Make New Friends
In a group fitness setting you have the opportunity to meet new people, and make new friends. You get to meet people that you wouldn’t normally meet unless you were taking a class. And friends hold you accountable!

4. Affordability
Not everyone has the finances to afford that hourly fee, two to three times a week. Group fitness classes give you a workout at a fraction of personal training costs. And you get the same benefits in the end!

5. Push Yourself Further
When you are in a group setting you are more likely to push yourself and work harder.

And who can forget the best one?…

6. It’s Fun!
Working out in a group fitness setting is fun and takes you mind off of the work. Most classes have energetic music to keep you pumped up and get you going.

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