Workout Wednesday: Baby Yoga.

The week that I was cleared to finally start hitting the weights again, I started getting my feet, or, well, body, back into yoga. I was super tight from six weeks of doing nada, and I was also getting sore from it too.

I had heard of Mommy and Me yoga before, but it wasn’t until today that I finally decided to give it a shot. Weighted jump squats and working on getting my weight slowly back up in back squats from Monday’s workout have some serious muscle tenderness going on in my quads and hammies, and in my hip area. So active rest has come into play. wpid-img_20150429_195611.jpg

Through the wonderful world of YouTube, I found a little Mommy and Me yoga series for Moose and I to try.

The great thing about doing yoga with your little one is, it gives you a whole other way to connect and bond with them, all while getting some movement and exercise in. It’s good for the body and the soul.

The little guy and I both enjoyed it. He laughed and had a good time kicking away while I was bending, flexing and stretching away. Then he chatted away with me while we had him bending, flexing and stretching his little chunky limbs. The only time he seemed to doubt the fun of what we were doing, was when the instructor in the video got to the part where were were almost bending baby into a pretzel.

We’re looking into more videos and even seeing if there are any live classes going on in our little area, because now we’re hooked. It gives me more time to spend with my favorite little dude, which, as I near the time in which I have to return to my job, is very treasured.

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