Self-care with a Fix.

So, I have done a thing. And for me, it’s a major thing.

One of the self-care pieces I’ve taken on over the past few months is actually taking some time each day for myself. To maybe do something with my long, crazy mane of hair. Or sometimes put a little touch of makeup on. Or piece together an outfit that makes me look as good as I feel.

Well… that last one has proven to be not so easy. My wardrobe is definitely lacking a lot of fabulous pieces since I’m a “throw it on and go” type of girl. My morning routine is typically: get up, get dressed in whatever will suit my needs for the day (Is it hot? Shorts and a t-shirt. Is it cold? Pants, boots and a sweatshirt or maybe a sweater), run a brush through my hair, tie it up and go.

And there’s the other thing that makes it hard: I’ve also always seriously hated shopping. I never have the time to really try anything on. And I live in an area where I’m pretty limited as to what my options are. Sequined bottom jeans and crochet bralet tops are highly frowned up (read: fire worthy) in my job. So there was never, ever any hope that my Pinterest “closet” would ever come to life in my own.

I looked around on stores online for clothes that either matched pieces of the outfits I was pinning, or closely resembled them. I always hesitated to place an order because, well, how did I look in those styles? I’ve always dressed, for the most part, in one particular manner and a lot of these pieces I was looking at were the exact opposite. I wanted to treat myself to new clothes, but I didn’t want to deal with the hassle of returns. Paying for shipping twice. Watching my card like a hawk, making sure that I was reimbursed for any returns. I’m a busy mother, I just didn’t have time for it. So I scrapped the idea for a few weeks.

Then I saw an ad on a page rotator for Stitch Fix. A $20 styling fee, that becomes a credit off your order if you decide to keep anything that they send you. Free shipping both ways. No store. No dressing room. I couldn’t sign up fast enough.

I remembered, as I was filling out my style profile and what I was looking for for new looks, that a few  friends have given Stitch Fix a go. Some use it just for upcoming special events or important meetings, others use it to snag some really great pieces monthly. And they all really liked the items they kept from their “fixes”.

I’m not quite sure what my end goal is, outside of obtaining enough pieces to put together a variety of different pieces. Casual “mommy” outfits for on the go, some work stuff, and maybe some dressier things.

My first fix came on Thursday, and here’s the breakdown:


Thebes Knit Jacket by Market & Spruce

wp-1477078777313.jpgA fabulous fall and winter color. The cut is perfect for someone of my size and shape, and the detail with the buttons, the hood and just the overall lines is beautiful. I knew before I even tried it on that I was going to keep it. In the fall and during the warmer winter months, it’s an ideal staple piece. I have a beautiful blanket infinity scarf that’s black and red plaid that will pair with it wonderfully. Only downside? I can’t fit a nice, thick, New England winter sweater under it.

Tory Distressed Ankle Zip Skinny Jean by Pistola

I was hesitant at first over these. Skinny jeans and I just started our relationship about two years ago, through an error at American Eagle’s order fulfillment center, when they sent me skinnies instead of the Kick Boots I ordered. I tried them on and realized they weren’t so bad after all. Stitch Fix had sent me a pair of skinnies that were “deconstructed” (fancy way of saying holey), and had zippers at the ankles. “I don’t know how I feel about those zippers, those look like they’d be uncomfortable with boots.” Well, I put them on, and fell in love. You can’t tell the zipper is there and the fit was perfect. Not to mention that they were cut in a way that just made me want to shimmy, shake and show myself off. Alas, they will be going back. With every step I took, my knobby knees just hooked onto those knee holes, and I was just waiting for the epic blowout. Added to it: it gets COLD here in the winter. Holey jeans just won’t cut it. Sad face.

Gradon Sheer Raglan Seam Sweater by Fate

Absolutely gorgeous and felt amazing. It paired perfect with the jeans I’m sad to have to send back, but it also went great with the jeans and leggings I already own. It’s a thinner sweater, but the material is a bit heavier, so it would be excellent to wear either at date night over the colder months (you know, those nights you don’t want a big, bulky, boxy sweater because you want to be at least KIND of sexy for your significant other) or even work. Added bonus: it fits wonderfully under that beautiful red jacket. It’s a keep.

Careen V-Neck Dolman Knit Top by Market & Spruce

The cut was just all wrong for me. I liked the material and the stripes, I REALLY wanted to like the shirt, but just couldn’t. It reminded me of all the times I grabbed things off of the racks at the store, and brought them into the dressing room only to try them on and wonder what the heck I was doing. “Am I wearing this wrong? Is it supposed to look like a sack?” It’s a big negative.

Shenel Lace Detail Knit Top by Papermoon

Adorable and perfect for casual days. Definitely something that I would have probably browsed right over on the rack and never thought to even try. So I’m happy that my stylist added it to the bunch for this Fix. However, it’s not made for my mom muscles. I was able to slip it on, but was limited in arm movement for fear of ripping the shoulder/armpit seams. So that too has to go back, with a sad face along with the jeans.

Overall, I found myself doing a few things that I very, very rarely do. Standing in front of the mirror admiring myself. Positive affirmations were flowing, hardcore. Wait, is that me telling me nice things about myself? Who IS this person?

And I actually had fun trying on clothes for a change. Walking around my bedroom, the comfort of my own walls surrounding me. Lighting I’ll see myself in, every single day that I were to wear these particular items. I posed. I strutted. Again, who am I right now?!

And… I took photos. Of myself. Posing. Strutting.

Did I just fall in love with myself?

I think I may have. Until next time, thank you Stitch Fix. You just made this momma feel absolutely amazing.


*I loved my experience so much, that I have joined the Stitch Fix Influencer program and do receive compensation for any scheduled orders/fixes through my affiliate links above.

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