Cooking with Level-1. The Why.

Why do I bake with only Level-1, and never use Phormula-1?

It was a question I was asked the other day when sharing a recipe for protein brownies with a friend. They noticed a re-occurring theme with my “baked goods” recipes that I often pass along to them… on the ingredients list, I always list 1st Phorm’s Level-1 in various flavors.

It’s actually one of two questions I get frequently. The other is: why do I encourage the use of 1st Phorm over any other brand?

That second question is simple. 1st Phorm produces products that I use personally and stand by 100%. It’s not just the quality that is there, but there is a care there too. The company, the employees, everyone involved, you can tell are all there for the customer. Their goals. Their needs. They all have an in-depth knowledge of nutrition and fitness, so when you’re talking to any person there, you’re getting legitimate help. They’re not just going to give you a stack just to sell a product. They’re not going to have you buy a product, just to hit their financial goal for the month. They’re in it to help you succeed, and want to get to you the products they have that are best to accomplish that. It’s not rocket science why I would stand by a company like this. They’re pretty damn awesome.

But, that’s not what this post is about. This is about why I always use a particular line of product from 1st Phorm, Level-1, when I make yummy protein snacks.

It’s understandable that it is a legitimate question, because there are SO many protein “products” on the shelves that it’s hard to know what is what. Sorting through the chaos of the protein aisle in a store is most definitely overwhelming and brings up more questions than it answers.Why is this one more than that one in cost? Why does this one have more of this added ingredient than this one? What is the difference between protein types? What’s the different between the $20 two-pound tub and the $50 two-pound tub (often times, nothing. But sometimes, it’s the manner in which it’s made and that $50 tub has better protein that hasn’t been broken down or denatured by a high heat process).

Ask anyone in the fitness world and we’ve all been there. Asking the same questions. Over time we study, we learn, and we help. The breakdown of my “why” starts with explaining what Level-1 is and what Phormula-1 is. wp-1476977691063.jpg

Level-1 is a sustained assimilation protein. Which means that it steadily, over a course of a certain amount of time, feeds your body. Hence why is it most often used as a meal replacement drink, or as an additional “meal” to help you hit your target protein goals. Think of Level-1 as an IV drip.

Phormula-1 is a rapid assimilating protein. Which, by deduction, means that it does the opposite of Level-1. Think of it like jumper cables on a car battery. Phormula-1 is giving your body a jump start in recovery for muscle repair and growth after your workout.

Level-1 is the tortoise, Phormula-1 is the hare. Both are excellent, but they each have a different way of working.

In making my protein snacks, or making my overnight oats, I use Level-1 because these are snacks/munchies/etc that I am relying on to keep my body in an anabolic state. I’m not doing all of that work in the gym for nothing. I mean, yeah, my confidence from weight lifting would still be there, but I wouldn’t be any stronger. I need to fuel my body properly to set it up for success. And there are days when I’m on the go A LOT, so I have to rely heavily on these snacks that I make, or even drinking Level-1 as a stand alone, because I’m just not going to get in real, whole foods.

Plus, the flavors for Level-1 are TOTALLY snack worthy. A half-scoop of Ice Cream sandwich in with your overnight oats, and it’s like eating ice cream for breakfast. Two scoops of caramel latte in your Proat Bar mix and it’s a tasty morning treat between breakfast and lunch. Or a scoop of cinnamon cookie batter in your brownies (also excellent with pancakes might I add) and you have a sweet, yummy snack while watching *insert your favorite television show here*.

Sure, you could swap in Phormula-1 for certain things, your overnight oats that you chow down on first thing in the morning. Two spoons in your morning coffee. Maybe some in your cookies, etc. But you just have to remember how that is going to process through your body in comparison to Level-1. Those snacks would best be suited to fuel you after a hike, a run, your workout, or any activity. If you need something to sustain you between meals, using Level-1 is more ideal.

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