Gear Release & 11.25 Sale… and free shipping? Must mean that it’s… BLACK FRIDAY!

A lot of you who follow me on Twitter and Instagram have seen my frequent shout outs to 1st Phorm, or have seen here, on my blog, recipes that include some of their delicious flavors of protein. I get a ton of emails and DMs asking questions about the products I use for my workouts and day-to-day life. 1st Phorm is it for me.I guess you could say we’re in a pretty serious relationship. Monogamous even. Well, kind of. At least on my end…

For about a year, I’ve been a part of the 1st Phorm Phamily, and have been extremely proud of it. They’re a great company, and work endlessly to bring new products, new flavors and new gear to the fitness industry. They hold themselves to the highest standard, and as a result their athletes and Legionnaires hold themselves to that same high standard.

Not only have the released a bunch of great things for their Black Friday gear release (deets can be found here), but they’re having an 11.25 Sale on some of their other gear items.

What’s an 11.25 Sale? Everything at this link here is ONLY $11.25. And if you use the link offered here, you score FREE shipping.

…but that’s not everything. On top of it all, as a giant thank you, until the end of the day on Monday (11/28), you can score free gear. More FREE! And who doesn’t like free?

Sounds too good to be true!

I know, I said it too when I saw my email come in with the details. BUT, that’s just how 1st Phorm rolls.

Don’t work out or want to work out? That’s perfectly fine too. The clothes are super comfy to just lounge around in as you read the Maynard James Keenan bio/autobio A Perfect Union of Contrary Things while sipping on some warm coffee (or cocoa) and tuning out the Paw Patrol saving Captain Turbot for the millionth time.



Missed the links?

Black Friday Gear Release

11.25 Sale

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