Dear 2017: I wanna be BIG.

Somewhere around Thanksgiving week of 2016, I had a very dawning realization as I was planning out my Christmas list of “wishes” to give to my husband.

I want to be big. I want to be strong, and big. Well, bigger. Bigger than I currently am.

I want to put on one of those super bulky sweaters that us locals here have to wear in the winter, and for my muscles to still be seen in the midst of all that thick, warm, sometimes itchy yarn.

I want to LOOK like I work out more than I do. Or at least, I want my arms to look like I work out. My legs are already there.

Stronger than the day before. Stronger than the year before. That’s always been my baseline. I’ve got that under control.

But this past year, I’ve watched my arms finally start to grow. Maybe it’s because before muscle maturity, no matter what I did, those babies never grew (and were on the struggle bus to getting stronger). Or maybe I’ve lost my mind. Or, it could be that when I put my sweater on this morning, my arms looked more like sticks.

But my intent for 2017 in terms of my workouts (yoga intent for 2017 is a full unassisted handstand) is to get BIGGER.

Take up more space.

Maybe bust the seams on the shoulders of a few shirts. My quads and hammies already test the limits of my workout gear, daily, so why not add a few shirts to the mix?

I need to take a step back and do a reset. I’ve been doing the same exact style of workout for roughly a year now. I’ve played with the programming a bit here and there, because let’s face it, I’m a working mom and sometimes, shit just doesn’t go as planned so I’ve had to adapt and adjust accordingly. My “big” gains have been all wibbly wobbly, so something has to change more than I’ve changed them with the adjustments I have made here and there. The spattering needs to become more consistent. bigness_project_logos-01_600

I’m officially stepping aboard the Bigness Project this week (promises of big biceps and coconut shoulders? — I’m in!) by Jen Sinkler and Kourtney Thomas. I’m going to use the next 14 weeks to focus on building the muscle I want first. Then, with that muscle, I’m going to use it to get those weight numbers up.

Bigger. Stronger.

Did I mention that I also have started running again? That’s another intention added to my list. Run more (only about once a week though, nothing fancy. No marathons planned. Maybe a 5k or two… Oh, let’s be serious, probably not.)

Bigger. Stronger. Faster.

Which, to up the ante on it, I’m committing (loosely because with the swing in sports seasons, I can never commit to these things fully or else I’ll lose my job, and then my kid will then have to roam naked because I won’t be able to afford clothes or diapers… so yeah, loosely, but I’m still committing the amount that I know I can) to the 2017 Transphormation Challenge. Putting the “lift” back in the EatLIFTRunYoga of my Instagram feed (sorry in advance to those that follow me solely for the Yoga part). More weights, more flexing, more sweat. MOAR!

Wanna join me in the 2017 Transphormation Challenge? Click here for more information and to sign up today! Come get big and sweaty with me.


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