NEW IMPORTANT UPDATE! Self-care Sunday: Pamper Yourself Boxes.

I’m sure by now, most of you have heard of the Fab Fit Fun box. Some may have even given it a go. Same with Ispy and Birchbox.

We have become a society that subscribes to boxes full of things that have piqued our interest in one way or another. Long gone are the days of grabbing a magazine our of our mailboxes. We have, over the passing of time, grown hungry for more.

Quite literally hungry actually. Pre-prepped meals, and ingredient filled boxes are now all the rave thanks to Hello Fresh, Plated and Blue Apron.

But, have you ever heard of Bless Box?

Unless you have Facebook, it’s possible that you haven’t. It’s fairly new, January being its first month (I believe, don’t quote me on this), and word hasn’t really spread beyond a few sponsored posts from the company on Facebook.

What is Bless Box? It’s more comparable to Fab Fit Fun, but on the monthly instead of seasonal. It costs $29.99 per month, and comes filled with a variety of wearables, makeup and skin products, and something to eat/consume.

March was my first box, and when it arrived, I at first was surprised at the weight of the box. What is inside of this thing?! Opening it up, you could see that every cubic inch of that box was used. It was stuffed.

So what was inside?


For starters, according to the tally of the items listed on the insert card, you’re getting $146 worth of products for that $29.99. Right off of the home plate as that bat cracks against the ball… you’re making out like a bandit on the run for home.

Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides (16 servings), Tone it Up protein sample, two Alexis Ren lip colors (Blotted and Ultra Satin), Maybelline mascara and their 24k Palette, amika hair goods (Nourishing Mask, Texture Gel and Blowout Spray), bliss Body Butter, a wrap bracelet from Noonday Collection, and a handful of cards.

My overall thoughts after getting the box were a mix of good and just “meh”.

Why the “meh”? Well, opening a box, in which I’m expecting great finds that I’m not going to see walking into a store and seeing Alexis Ren and Maybelline was a bit surprising. Then I pulled out bliss, that I have bought as well on several occasions on my own… I’m supposed to be opening my doors a little wider, exploring new products and brands.

I did like the the new hair product choices, as well as the collagen peptides and protein sample to try. And that wrap bracelet I got is pretty fabulous. It’s great for every day wear and you can dress it up. Win!

Am I going to get the April box? In all honesty, probably not. I have to, despite the fact that the box was packed and you’re getting well more in value than what you’re paying for the month, admit that I just was not impressed enough to continue my subscription. I will, however, revisit it in a few months, once they’re more known, have grown some and possibly get more exclusives just to them.

**Update on BlessBox: Apparently this box I received was NOT the March box, but the February box? I don’t know, this is a new business, I get it. But there’s some major NOT GOOD things going on right now. Enough that it’s prompted this update. Updating my register for my checking account (do people still do that?!), I happened to notice a draft for BlessBox the day after I received my box. A whole lotta time to decide if I want to do another month, right? The most peculiar of it all is, on Jan. 19, when I signed up, I was charged $33.50 (apparently you don’t get free shipping folks) for a box that didn’t show up until the very, very last day of February. My charge that was sent to my account from them on March 1st, was for $37.49… Um? Not okay. Not at all okay. Not only is the charge more, but you’re charging before some people have probably even gotten their boxes at all! I tried to see what my bank can do, but unfortunately, where there is an authorized charge to them in January, there isn’t anything they can do about this charge. They also said I’d have to send the product back. Uh, what product? I have received no product for that second charge. And by the way things go, I probably won’t until the end of April. I have sent an email to the company, stating I want my money back from that second charge and I do want my account canceled. I’m currently waiting to hear back. Another update will come once I do.

New advice? SKIP the BlessBox. They’ve got a lot of ish they need to iron out and get together before I could comfortably recommend them to anyone.

**Second/last update: It took a little bit of time to get a response from BlessBox in regards to the above issue. And even on the customer service end, there are some definite kinks they need to work out. They gave a half-assed response as to why I was charged for my next box just as I was receiving my first one, and a lot of back and forth happened before I was refunded my money for that next box. So, my new advice from that last update still stands. Skip it for now. This box has the potential to be successful and a lot of fun, but give them about a year “in the game” before giving them a try. Hopefully by that point in time, they’ll have everything worked out and be running like a well oiled machine.

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