It’s Smoothie Season!

When life spirals out of control… you buy smoothies.

Hi, friends, it’s been awhile. It hasn’t been a lack for anything to say, it’s been more of a lack of time.

In October, my office moved about 15 miles north, and my in-office schedule changed. My position changed slightly, with my duties being focused more in other, far more time consuming places (I’ve spent a LOT of the past sports season on the road).

Then, as the dust was settling, and I was getting a handle on this new normal, the novel coronavirus struck and shook the box back upside down again.

What an adjustment this has been! First I’m working from home, then I’m furloughed, then I’m working again. My son has been home too, so tending to a 5 year old and working has been chaos.

And like clock work, my smoothie cravings hit – hardcore – in late April.

Problem is, after being furloughed, and having a financial future in limbo, spending money looks a lot different. So even if I could go to the smoothie shack to buy a premade – spending $10 for a 10oz smoothie is *cringe*.

I also, for some reason, can’t seem to throw together a concoction of anything to taste remotely as yummy. AND, I’m not standing in line, at the store for an hour to buy a smoothie kit from the frozen food aisle.

So… I decided it was time to try a smoothie box of sorts. I looked at all the options out there, the pricing, ingredients (damn coconut allergy), and made the choice.

I settled on Revive Superfoods, their 24 cup option, mailed monthly. 20200506_104033

Their pricing was better, and they actually had smoothies and oat bowls that I could eat (WHY do so many use coconut in everything?!)

I also scored 50% off my first box, which definitely was nice.

Of course, my box comes, and just like that, the sunny days went away, the clouds came, the winds started gusting at 50+MPH – and it even snowed all day today. That’s right, May 9, and it snowed, all day.

20200507_140244My stomach apparently runs on a calendar though, and not by the weather outside, because I have had one of the Revive smoothies every day since my box came, tasting all of the yummy blends. Before hiking with my son yesterday, I had an oat bowl for breakfast.

Final verdict? Well, I scheduled my June box, so that should be the first hint of how I feel.

I’ve also shared on my IG account a snap of every single one I’ve made so far, always paired with the happy salivating face. And if you follow my IG account (linked off to the side over there —>), you know that I only post anything about products I use personally, and things I LOVE, can’t get enough of, etc.

And Revive is definitely a part of that small grouping of things I share with “ooohs” and “aaahs”.

Wanna try it out? Click the link below and get 55% off of your first box! (you won’t regret it).

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